HP Business Partner FAQs

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Who is this program intended for?

This program is designed for  resellers who are selling PCs, Printers and Supplies in the Small and Medium Business segment and who do not have an HP a PPS Silver, Gold or Platinum status.


What are the benefits?

HP business partner provides
Access to a dedicated call center trained to answer questions on products, current promotions and program features
Access to a dedicated portal featuring targeted product, training, promotions, sales and marketing tools
Access to special pricing under certain conditions (minimum deal value required)
Access to a dedicated Reward Program
Simplified access to post sales support
Access to a dedicated partner logo and certificate
Access to dedicated communications on selected HP offers

If I was a HP Business Partner last year, will my status automatically be renewed?

Yes, unless you obtained a PPS Silver or Gold status in the following year

If I was a HP Partner last year, do I need to revalidate the T&Cs to stay in HP Business the following year?

No, T&Cs revalidation is necessary, however you may be requested to update your business profile if you were a HP Partner for over 1 year.

Do I need to pay to become an HP Business Partner?

No, HP Business Partner registration is free of charge.

Do I need to validate specific criteria to become an HP Business Partner?

You must validate the program terms and conditions (electronic validation) and provide a business profile

Can I be a HP Business partner if I am already a HP Silver or Gold Partner?

PartnerOne status cannot be cumulated in the same Business Unit. You maybe a Silver or Gold Specialist for EG and PPS HP Business

How do I join this program?

Log on to the HP Business Partner Portal and click on Register, or contact HP Business Partner Call centre.
UK: Phone:
0207 078 35 800207 078 35 80 or Email uki.hppartner@hp.com

South Africa: Phone 
+27 110 623 047+27 110 623 047 or Email rsa.hppartner@hp.com


Malta, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina

CDG: cdg.hppartner@hp.com

Can I contact somebody at HP if I have further questions on the HP Business Partner Program?

Yes. You can contact the HP Business Partner Call centre:

UK: Phone: 0207 078 35 80 or Email uki.hppartner@hp.com
South Africa: Phone +27 110 623 047 or Email rsa.hppartner@hp.com

Will there be somebody speaking my language at the HP Business Partner Call Centre?

Yes. The HP Business Partner call centre is staffed with native speakers for each country where the program is live.

Does HP Business Partner cover printers and other HP products?

The HP Business Partner Program covers all PCs - Desktops, notebooks,  workstations, Thin Clients, RPOS, Displays and other related accessories as well as all Printers and related Supplies.